Backpacking – Brasher, The Best Walking Boots

If you are packing your backpack and wondering which shoes to take, you can blindly rely on Brasher. Brasher offers the best walking boots as far as a backpacker is concerned. Brasher specialises in walking boots and traveling shoes. Just as the motto of every backpacker should be "Travel light", the motto of Brasher is "Travel light, Travel far ..... Travel in comfort".

The reason behind the huge success and popularity of Brasher is that the boots are (a) Lightweight, (b) Comfortable and (c) Performance-oriented.

Some of the best walking boots from Brasher are:

i)Brasher Hillmaster Classic GTX: These are undoubtedly the best selling walking boots from Brasher. This pair has the right combination of robustness and lightness, and are extremely popular. The single-piece upper is made of leather and has a full-grain finish. It is supremely comfortable and at the same time strikingly durable and tough. The Gore-Tex lining helps in keeping the feet sweat-free. This pair has a rubber rand that runs through and prevents the leather from wearing out. This pair also has a ladies' version, with the name Hillmaster Lady Classic GTX. The ladies' sizes can be distinguished with the help of the mark "W".

This pair are presently priced at £120.00.

ii)Brasher Trailmaster GTX: These are tough boots meant for hard days in the wilderness. They are specially created for rugged trails. This pair has a rubber outsole that prevents clogging. The PU mid-sole effectively acts as a shock absorber. The shoes have a water-resistant upper made of leather, which has a full-grain finish. The Gore-Tex lining is waterproof and full leather. It lets your feet breathe and stay dry the whole day. The lining acts as a great protection for the feet, and keeps them comfortable and warm throughout the hard days.

This pair got released in the year 2007 and is reasonably priced at only £119.99.

iii)Brasher Danso Boot (Men's):This is a pair of soft and comfortable walking boots suited for any kind of adventure and travel. They are also appropriate for casual usage. They are made up of breathable material, and hence are perfect for a hot and humid climate. This pair has a casual appearance and a rugged design. It is water-resistant. The Gore-Tex membrane contributes further to its waterproof qualities. The membrane also allows the feet to breathe. The mid-sole and foot-bed act as shock absorbers, and hence contribute to the extreme comfort that these boots provide.

iv)Brasher Supalite Lady GTX:These are ideal walking boots ideal for both hill and valley, which are extremely comfortable and lightweight. They are water-resistant and are perfectly designed for the wilderness. These boots have a unique quality of shaping up to your feet the very first time you put them on. Made of strong Pittards leather, a pair of these boots of size 6's weighs not even a kilogram.

The Brasher walking boots are nothing but backpacking essentials, which ensure that a backpacker has a comfortable and happy trip.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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