Colorful Instruments: You and your kids can stand out in the crowd

A few years ago the Jollysun manufacturer came out with a line of gorgeously colorful instruments. Their beauty caught everyone by surprise and sales have been flowing since. However do to the low amount of marketing, millions still do not know about these fantastic instruments.


One of the biggest attractions (apart from appearance) is the price point. These instruments are priced well bellow others. Not many places offer a Saxophone for $310, or a violin for $115.


Although these are not considered to be the instrument of choice for experienced professionals they are surprisingly well made and will suit any child, adult, or anyone not willing to pay in the high hundreds to thousands for a hand crafted instrument.


The larges complaint the company has had involves the trumpets. Upon arrival the trumpet valves need to be oiled (oil provided) and they need to be played for awhile in order to loosen things up. They do play well once loosened and oiled up though. Next, do not expect fast shipping. These instruments actually ship from Dubai even though the manufacturer is in China. Apparently the Dubai post is not speedy. Along these lines you can also expect shipping to be a little more pricy.


These instruments come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. The only down fall to their refund policy is that they do not pay return shipment costs. However, if they ship a replacement part to you they will do so for free.

Highly Recommended~

Over-all, I do highly recommend these instruments. For the price you are getting a great instrument that also stands out in the crowd from others! These make GREAT presents!!

The only US store that carries the Jollysun instruments is

Or, you can find them on Amazon for the same price.

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