Compliment Slips the Ultimate Include in Everything This Year

In yester years, business cards used to be attached to almost every form of merchandise and transference from one business to the next during the holiday season. Such business cards usually had a corporate good wish or tiding for the season directed specifically to the company as an entity; as time progressed, these business cards were transformed and substituted by corporate Christmas cards, that still maintained the same essence of sending a good tiding or wish to another company.

Nonetheless, such corporate Christmas cards meant that everyone was on the same page, being politically correct and celebrating each party on their religious holiday was something that was not required. A Christmas season was a universally accepted holiday; now, the modern lifestyle requires everyone to be politically correct and congratulate people on the correct holiday, so Christmas has stopped being a universally accepted festivity and not all Christ-believers actually celebrate it.

Therefore, the need to compliment a company or a person for a job well done had to be done in a different manner; it simply was not financially logical to have Christmas, Hannukah, Al-Hijra or Kwanzaa cards to match the different religious beliefs of the employees, the commercial partners or even the customers. As a result, the use of compliment slips has begun to be broadly accepted.

Compliment slips were used mostly between companies, providers and customers of specific services or prime materials. The discussion and need to be politically correct with an increasing number of different religious, political and ideological groups have made compliment slips a perfect alternative.

The simple and sober design of a compliment slip makes it a great money saving idea for any business or company; furthermore, since their whole idea is to keep the company from being politically wrong, there is no need to have any Christmas decoration or form of ornament, just the logo and the normal information of the company or business. Name, address, phone number, website and web address will suffice; nonetheless, the use of the company logo is something that should be considered and even included.

Furthermore, the minimalist design allows the company or business to have the compliment slips printed anytime of year, making it easier to distribute the expense according to their own tax deduction agenda. This benefit also broadens so that the company as an entity can have printed as many compliment slips as they want for each area or department, or have one single design for the entire company. They can also have different designs created just for a change, or have a custom-made design that will stand out among others of the like.

Not only companies benefit from the use of compliment slips. Individuals can also use compliment slips to maintain a politically correct attitude when they have to make a gift for the Christmas season or any other gift exchange, and they do not have nor want to make a personal statement on a gift card , or do not know that person's personal faith.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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