Flyers and the Christmas Rush For Sales

Knowing the ways in which consumers make the choice to purchase any specific product or service and not another is the key to the success in sales all through the year; however, this knowledge is of the utmost importance during the Christmas holiday season.

The main three points by which any consumer will select a product are: Browsing, Selecting, and Purchasing. Of these three points, the main and most important one is browsing. During the browsing stage of the purchase, the consumer will seek and gather as much information as possible on the different products or services that they have decided will satisfy a particular need. For example, if a man wants to give a woman a bag, he will start to gather as much information as possible on fashionable women bags.

In the information that the handbag-seeking male gathers is not only the price, but the raw materials and the name of the designer or creator of the bag. He will also inquire as to the the uses of the bag and what celebrities or any other factor has caused that particular brand of women's bag to be such a fashionable item.

Therefore, the best alternative for dealers, retail stores and even manufacturers is to launch an advertising and marketing campaign that will enhance the benefits and advantages of their products. Nonetheless, such campaigns will lose momentum due to the massive drive of competitors to launch their own campaigns; consumers require the support and assistance of flyers.

With flyers, consumers will gather the information that they are seeking, and will be able to conduct their own research with regard to what product or service they are searching for at that particular time. Naturally, flyer printing is something that demands a lot more than the simple white paper and one ink; in flyers, competitors also seek to make their own a lot nicer, more flashy, and they enhance them in such a way that everyone will want a flyer, whether they are searching for that particular product or not.

A flashy and attractive flyer will be taken, saved, and later read, in contrast to those that are not flashy or attractive; a person who is overwhelmed with seasonal shopping most likely will not stop and ponder whether the quality or the lifespan of the product that is advertised on the flyer is adequate or not. They will take the information that is placed on the flyer, compare it to the information that they have gathered by another means, and make their decision on that particular product or service.

Finally, a well-made flyers will become the measuring stick by which all other similar products will be compared to; this is particularly important when a person is searching for a gift or product for a person of the opposite sex. The amount of information that any person has on the opposite sex's requirements and product usage is limited at best, therefore, the use of flyers will be an important assistance in seasonal shopping.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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