For a Change, Why Not Try a Holiday in Playa De Las Americas

Having a week-long vacation is what everybody wants to enjoy and experience. For a few days, they will be spared from all the paperwork and stress brought about by their job. And when thinking about the holidays, they usually end up going to the typical vacation destinations where many other tourists go to. As a result, they also end up paying a high price for the air fare, hotel rates, and even at the restaurants. So if you want to have a different vacation, why not try spending your holidays in Playa de las Americas instead?

More often than not, tourists want to have a relaxing vacation under the sun. There are numerous natural beaches that can be found here in Playa de las Americas. But there are also man-made beaches that are covered with dark sand as well. Hotels and restaurants are flourishing in areas near the beaches of Playa de las Americas. Therefore, you will not have a hard time looking for a place to stay, even if you do not book a room in advance.

Shopping for souvenirs and other items are part of the whole vacation. And here in Playa de las Americas, there are a wide array of shops where you can purchase duty-free goods including gadgets, clothes, perfumes, and more. One of the best ways to get a great bargain while shopping here in Playa de las Americas is to haggle. Sometimes, the salesmen are quite aggressive when it comes to selling their goods. But keep in mind that there are numerous shops selling the same items and they can offer it to you in a lower price. If you want affordable items, you can head to Torviscas Market during Thursdays and Saturdays. However, you must be an early bird so you can get the best items and avoid the crowds.

Unless you rent an apartment with a kitchen, dining out is probably one of the main activities that you will partake in while you are on vacation. You can choose from a wide array of restaurants. Some of the top-rated restaurants that you must try include the Folias, El Molino, Restaurante Chino Yue Lai, and the Blanco Vista. These are usually quite expensive when compared to the other restaurants that you can find anywhere in the Playa de las Americas. You may also opt to dine at the restaurants near the beach. Stalls sell freshly grilled seafood, where you can also watch TV shows at the same time. The foods at the beachfront restaurants are varied. You may even get to order authentic Indian as well as Chinese cuisines - if you feel like tasting one.

The nightlife here in Playa de las Americas is also thriving. If you are up for a nocturnal holiday, there are tons of nightclubs that you can go to by the time the sun sets. More often than not, these clubs are open until the wee hours of the morning. So you can still stay up until the restaurants are ready to serve breakfast.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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