Gore Tex Jackets Perfect For All Weather Conditions

Gore Tex jackets are perfect for all weather conditions because they are waterproof, windproof and breathable. They are suitable items of clothing for whatever you are doing. If you are in mountainous conditions then you need a jacket that will protect against the sun, wind and rain. In cold snowy conditions you will need to stay warm and dry. If you are abroad, it may be much warmer but conditions can change within minutes. You do not need a fashion statement when you are out and about in the wild, you need clothing that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors no matter whatever the weather. Your clothing is also an essential means of staying alive because of heath factors to prevent hypothermia.

All Gore Tex jackets are designed to increase breathability, provide comfort, increase warmth and fit snugly where needed. The Gore Tex jackets are planned around the way the human body is warmer and colder, a "climatic map" is used when designing the next Gore Tex jacket. Currently there are four different types of Gore Tex jackets on the market at the moment. These are the: Performance Shell, Paclite Shell, Soft Shell and Pro Shell. The Performance Shell is suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. It is designed to be comfortable and is durably windproof and waterproof. These come in two to three layer constructions. The Paclite Shell is great for those who take part in hiking, running, cycling or sports where you need lightweight and compact gear. All Paclite Shell jackets are lightweight and compact. There is no separate lining, they are waterproof and breathable. The fabric is either polyester or nylon with a membrane covered with a protective layer of oleophobia and carbon. All seams are 100% waterproof because of the Gore Seam tape technology used by Gore Tex. The Gore Tex Soft Shell jackets are great for using in cold and damp situations. It offers weather protection with greater freedom of movement without needing to wear plenty of layers. It is also highly breathable and waterproof. It comes with 3 layers, including a Gore Tex membrane that is attached to a either a fleece or flannel inner. Lastly, the Pro Shell jackets are suitable for extremely tough conditions. It is made with rugged, windproof, waterproof and breathable fabrics. They are extremely popular with outdoor professionals and mountaineers. They come with two or three layers, and use four different types of Gore Tex technology - including one that enhances breathability and another that is specific for motorcyclists.

Gore Tex also makes trousers to go with their jacket range, as well as footwear and gloves. They also offer activity-specific ranges of gear for: backpacking, cross country skiing, cycling, golf, hunting, lifestyle, motorcycling, mountaineering, running, snow sports, water sports and lastly, for juniors. Gore Tex makes ideal jackets for whatever activity you are planning and they will be perfect to protect you against the elements like water and wind. Take a look at your local stockists.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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