Holidays in Vilamoura Always Slightly Different

Vilamoura has always been a pleasant holiday destination. It is a perfect mix of considerably modern amenities and facilities - and it never disappoints a tourist. A holiday in Vilamoura is always different from a holiday in Greece or Rome, as it does not offer one an intense experience, and it cannot be called an outstanding tourist destination. But it is a lovely place with plenty of wonderful offerings.

Vilamoura has everything that people look for on a holiday. It has excellent beaches where one can walk mile after mile on the beautiful sand and enjoy the sun. The marina is gorgeous, with abundant area to play or sit on the sand under the sun. Various tours offer sailing opportunities, which are unforgettable experiences.

Vilamoura is a golfer's paradise, as the golf courses in and around the place lure golfers from far and wide. Golf addicts are thrilled at the prospect of having wonderful courses at their doorstep. "The Old Village", located at the edge of the Pinhal course, is a residential area and is very close to the marina. Tourists love this part of the town.

Vilamoura has a large number of restaurants that offer delicious food and a wide range of choices. Most of the well-known restaurants are located around the marina. The restaurant adjacent to the Fotobrinca Toy Shop has never disappointed guests with the quality of food that it serves. "The Old Village" has conventional "British" restaurants that serve traditional British food. Central Vilamoura, on the other hand, is a relatively luxurious area with a wide range of both plain and up-market restaurants. O Taco is very famous and is loved by tourists. The Mayflower also serves excellent food and has impeccable service.

The shops are quite good, where tourists can shop for souvenirs. Items are sold that are both expensive and affordable. Brands like Benetton, Boss and Gant are also sold for the affluent society.

The best thing about Vilamoura is that it is comparatively unspoilt, and city-dwellers love the essence of this place. The best time to visit Vilamoura is the month of October when the climate is not very hot. It is a calm and quiet place, which has something for everyone. Though it is a small place, it offers enjoyment to both older tourists and younger travelers. It is a beautiful resort blessed with a colorful variety of tropical flowers and stunning trees. A tourist on a cliff-top walk has a wonderful view of the sea.

Holidays can be exciting, thrilling and full of activities. Holidays can also mean incessant visits to historical relics, museums and churches. Holidays can also be meant for pure relaxation, where there is no early rising to board the tour bus that leaves at six in the morning. Vilamoura offers that kind of a holiday where tourists, irrespective of their age, taste, country and background, roam around in a leisurely manner enjoying the sun, sand and seaside views. Golfers can spend hours at the golf course and shoppers can indulge themselves to their hearts' content. A holiday in Vilamoura is a holiday in the truest sense of the term.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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