How Can Walking Boots Can Save Your Life

One of the best times of the year to go to wilderness walking is winter; most of the poisonous critters that usually live in the wilderness take a winter slumber called hibernation. Snakes, spiders and scorpions are usually hidden away in their lairs while snow covers the entire ground and temperatures are lower than they are during the warm summer season.

However, enjoyment of walking in the wilderness still has to be made with the right and adequate equipment; among the different components that you should take with you as garments, include an adequate jacket that will keep your body protected from low temperatures and freezing winds, walking boots are a must.

Walking boots are designed to provide your feet with additional support when you are walking on uneven surfaces; this support will help protect your ankles from dangerous twists when you lose your footing. In addition, they will provide your feet with insulation from the cold weather.

Yet, when you are browsing and considering which walking boots to purchase, you need to consider the material they are made from. Some walking boots are crafted from burlap, the same kind that is used in tennis shoes; while this burlap is strong enough to provide some sort of protection, the best material is always leather.

Leather will endure the cold weather and will support walking in the snow; however, the downside of this material is that it will take a longer time to dry after a long walk in the snow, as opposed to burlap that will dry sooner. Nonetheless, burlap will be punctured and damaged in an easier manner than leather; consequently, you need to consider what type of ground you will be walking on and choose the adequate material for your walking boots.

One additional feature that you need to make sure that your walking boots have in order to help you walk securely in the wilderness, are rubber soles that have traction in them. Walking boots are very comfortable once you have broken them in; as a result, many people use them for their regular lifestyle. Moreover, the rubber traction sole will provide much more than just comfort. It is a great isolator and protector against icy patches and even electrical currents, just as long as you do not have the sole integrity compromised with tacks and nails buried in them.

Keeping your walking boots' integrity as safe as possible will save your life, and preserve the integrity of your feet. If you attempt to walk on an icy patch without the traction of a proper walking boot or with an overused walking boot that has lost its traction, you risk falling down and injuring yourself; such injuries can go from a mild bump to breaking your neck and dying.

In the same manner, a good pair of walking boots will protect your feet from frostbite that can cause you excruciating pain and the loss of parts, or your entire, foot. A good pair of walking boots might not be cheap but the lifespan of the shoes ranges between 3-6 years of continuous usage, so in the long run they will pay for themselves. Therefore, do not count beans when it comes to your life, safety and protection - it is just not worth it.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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