How Walking Boots Can Save Your Life

Exploring the great outdoors is definitely one of the best exercises that you can do; a low impact aerobic exercise, and most doctors will definitely agree that it is accessible to almost everyone regardless of age, general condition and even the experience that they might have exploring. Nonetheless, there are special considerations that have to be taken into account when preparing and planning to take part of this wonderful experience.

Naturally, coming into contact with Mother Nature means a lot more than simply parking your car, getting out and walking. One of the most common mistakes that neophytes in outdoor walking commit is that they select the wrong shoe to start their walks.

You definitely should plan in advance, and prepare yourself for such events, whether you are planning to go to uninhabited parts or even start walking in a small park located in your major city. The right foot apparel can make the difference between life and death, as well as prevent serious illnesses.

Why is footwear so important when traipsing around in the outdoors?

When you are exploring nature you are focused on seeing what is "up" at your eye level and above it, you will be probably watching the birds and enjoying the wonderful colour combinations that nature has to offer, and will pay little attention to where you are actually setting your feet. You can be accidentally stepping on a snake, a rock, a branch or anything that can cause you damage.

Take a rock for example; if you step on a rock you can lose your balance, fall down, and if you are on tilted ground, you can plummet over several yards and even break a bone or two. These accidents are precisely that, accidents, and as such you have the duty to yourself and the ones that love you to take care and be cautious. At the very least you could twist or sprain your ankle and make it difficult to walk.

In the case of encounters with poisonous animals such as snakes and spiders, you need also to take into consideration other animals that are just as deadly (but often not thought about when talk about boots): poisonous toads and even gators. The height of the boot will protect your foot and the first part of your calf from the reach of such animals; also remember that they do not attack because "they are evil" - they attack because they are hungry or feel threatened.

So, when buying walking boots, it is important that you take bear in mind that they have to be comfortable enough for you to be able to walk for a long time in them, sturdy to softly hug and cuddle your ankle, providing you with additional ankle support and strength when walking over uneven ground, and preferably made of leather.

Leather in your walking boots will prove to be a good choice, because it will present a harder surface for animals to bite through and in most cases, they will not be able to do so. Nonetheless, it is important that you avoid pig leather and focus on cow leather since this is the hardest one shoes can be made from.

Finally, never wear recently bought walking boots on your first camping or walk cross-country; just-bought or brand new boots will be uncomfortable to use and hard to wear, and can cause blisters and cuts on your feet, making walking excruciating.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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