If You Are After Excitement Then Why Not Consider a Cheap Holiday in Gambia

If you are looking for an exciting holiday that will not cost you a fortune, you could consider a holiday in Gambia.

Located in the Gambia River Valley of West Africa, Gambia is the smallest country on the African mainland. Despite the size, it offers a myriad of exciting attractions for travelers.

The major attractions and excitements that Gambia offers

One of the prime attractions of Gambia is the Abuko Nature Reserve. Despite being the smallest game reserve in Africa, it is a fascinating place to visit. The lush green vegetation all around soothes the eyes, and the thrill of spotting callithrix monkeys, crocodiles, lizards, bushbuck antelopes and stunning birds makes the visit worth it.

The Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project in Gambia is one of the most successful chimp rehab centers of Africa. It also boasts of being the longest running center. Tourists can stay at one of the guest lodges of the project, and can have a tour of the project under the guidance of the founder Stella Marsden. The project has around eighty chimpanzees and a large number of baboons, hippos, vervet monkeys, western red colobus and a rich population of a variety of birds. Badi Mayo, the Chimpanzee Visitor Camp, is situated almost 270 kilometers up the River Gambia. So it is a time-consuming trip, but one does not seem to notice it in the excitement and thrill of it all

The Nuimi National Park and Jinack Island are enchanting places. The park spreads widely, covering vast areas of the North Bank of the Gambia. It ultimately ends at the Sine-Saloum Park of Senegal. Jinack Island is an ideal place for relaxation and unwinding. Kilometers of sandy beaches are often visited by Atlantic humpback dolphins, ospreys and sanderlings. The middle of the island is ideal for bird-watching. European migrants flock to the island in the winter months and are a treat to watch. Fortunate travelers can also spot a warthog, hyena or even a leopard.

The time from mid-June to early October is humid and hot because of the wet season. This season sees the vegetation grow tall, and as a result, tourists find wildlife viewing difficult. Wildlife becomes easier to see during the period between August and December. This is the perfect time to catch glimpses of dragonflies and beautiful butterflies. The best time to visit Gambia is the time between mid-October and June. It coincides with the prime tourist season, and hence flights during this period are cheaper than the rest of the year.

The best part of a Gambian holiday is that Gambia is only six hours away from London and the other big European cities. This enables one to travel to a different continent with a different culture altogether, with ease. As there is no time difference, there is no jetlag.

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Gambia is a place that allows one to have a cheap holiday without any compromise on excitement and thrills. Gambia guarantees value-for-money and is entertainment to the maximum. A cheap holiday in Gambia will always be worth it.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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