Quick Warm Up for Beginner and Intermediate Trumpet

This is a great warm up for beginners and intermediate trumpet players. Warm ups for professionals are easily obtained on the internet. This warm up is useful for players who have less time or who are not playing every day. It covers some of the basic skills in a short time. If you are just taking out your trumpet for a quick session, these exercises will get you playing at your optimum in a hurry.

The following steps can be extended as time permits. Note: optimum warm ups should be between thirty and forty minutes.

A good pre warm up is to listen to some professional players warming up before you start. Try to emulate the warmth and tone, not just on the trumpet but on the mouthpiece and even in the lip buzzing.

Breathing – this is probably the single most important exercise and forms the basis of all wind instrument skills.

1. Start by expelling all air out from lungs then take a full breath, hold air in lungs without the use of throat or lips using just your diaphragm. Do this for 20 seconds and extend the time with practice.

2. Remove mouthpiece and first slide. Now take full breaths and expel air directly into trumpet tube as quickly as possible. Repeat 3 times.

3. I have combined three skills into this exercise. Singing, buzzing on mouth piece and buzzing on lips. Start with nine crochets at 80 beats per minute. From C-G and then down to C again. Sing, then buzz then play mouth piece. Then take it up a tone and so on. As high as is comfortable. Don't neglect to sing with a good tone as this is good warm up for the ear. Do this for 3-4 minutes.

4. Have a short rest, then blow the lips like a horse, then say Ahhh and Ohhh with lips stretched and mouth as wide as possible for Ahhh and rounded for Ohhh

5. Buzz mouthpiece from low C as high as possible and back down again. Do this within 5 seconds and as smoothly as possible applying NO lip pressure. Repeat  for about 1 minute.

6. Soft long tones at 60 beats per min.  Play 4 beats on low C then slur down to B for 4 beats and then back to C for 4 beats. Play as softly as possible. Now take it down a tone and repeat, and then up a tone and repeat.  Continue in this pattern as low and high as possible for about 5 minutes.

7. Expanding scales at 80 bts per min.  Play crochets from lowest G to Mid C and back down again in G Major. Rest and go up to D, etc. Apply no lip pressure and continue until you find your range. Repeat for 3 minutes.

By this point you should be breathing well and playing with a full tone. Do not play beyond your range and apply no lip pressure. Don't forget to listen to some good trumpet players like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis and try to emulate their tone. Play along and memorise phrases and songs. Check out a reutable music download site like the kazaa or put on a good album.

By: gavi eskin

About the Author:

Gavi Eskin writes for online publications about music, sport, science and landscaping. He is a seasoned trumpet player and an expert gardener who recomends you download free music and listen while you learn.