Shewee: You Never Know When You Might Need One

Have you ever wonder how are you going to go to the toilet in a jungle, especially when you are on a hiking journey through the mountains? Guys would be easy, as they just need to unzip but for ladies, it is a challenge. To find a secluded area and go to the toilet is not as easy as it seems. You might have to search for some time before you find a really secluded area for your privacy. Some of you might conduct your business behind some bushes while others find trees, but none of these would be comfortable.

However with Shewee, all your toileting problems are gone forever. Shewee is a portable toilet device for ladies. It can be used by women of all ages. Specially designed by women for women, this device is making its way to headlines in newspapers and magazines around the world. Shewee is just as essential as a mobile phone. You can carry it anywhere and use it anytime.

This is a new revolution that allows ladies to go to the toilet anywhere and anytime - fast and easy. It is totally private, and there is no flashing of bare bottoms anymore. You can do your business by standing behind a big tree, or even use it in an unhygienic toilet and avoid the possibility of unnecessary infections. It works by redirecting the urine to somewhere else suitable. Simply undo your trousers and push your underwear to the side. Place Shewee at the correct position, and you can complete your business.

There is a container that comes with the Shewee so you can keep it after use and dispose of it somewhere suitable. You can wash it in the machine. Wipe it clean and keep it in the container provided until your next use. Shewee is reusable many times. To find the best position to place Shewee, it is advisable to test a few times in the shower. This way you will get used to it and it won't feel so awkward.

Guys are now not the only ones to go to the toilet standing - ladies can do the same. Shewee is what we need to make it happen. Hundreds of people have tried their first Shewee. Shewee is available on most sites selling outdoor gear. You can check out the internet for more locations selling Shewee. Shewee is not only available in the UK, but you can find it internationally in countries such as in Ireland, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Japan and the USA. More countries will be able to get Shewee soon, just keep on checking in.

With Shewee, you can do all kinds of challenging activities such as hiking, camping, scuba diving and even back packing. Shewee is also great for the disabled. Patients in hospital, pregnant ladies, elderly women, injured women and wheelchair users can benefit from Shewee as Shewee is really convenient for everyone. No more worries for those who are active in the outdoors. Shewee is the product to use and trust. Have you tried yours?

By: Ivor Trumpet

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