The Delights of a Holiday in Vilamoura

Whenever holidays come, a question arises in your mind as to where the holidays should be spent. Every person looks for a place that is full of fun, adventure, nice food, unique and glamourous. 'Holiday' means to relax and to take a break from the hectic day-to-day schedule, a place where a person can put aside all their tensions and worries from work. Vilamoura is a place that serves the needs of everyone. Vilamoura is a place on the Algarve Coast, in Portugal. It is surrounded by many luxurious hotels, big casinos, and holiday homes. The tourist industry evolved in 1974, and Vilamoura is known as a young place. Vilamoura is a beach resort where most of the tourists are either of Irish or British descent. The place is full of beaches, water parks, bars, and restaurants.

The town offers a full family holiday package with lots of water parks and golf courses. There are plenty of sandy beaches, and even the choice to go on some boat trips. To get the atmosphere going, many kinds of events are held, including sailing, tennis, golf tournaments and show jumping. Vilamoura is a place for everyone, for every age and for every type of tourist. There are two beaches, which are totally different in their offerings. Falesia Beach is full of life with many bars, sun lounges and young crowds; but on the other hand the second beach is mostly for the tourists who prefer to be alone or have peace and quiet.

The beach at Vilamoura is big which has a shore line of about 3 kms and can accommodate a lot of families looking to enjoy the sun and sand. Because of the growing tourism business, more and more attractions are added to the Vilamoura beaches and many restaurants, casinos and bars are opening. In addition there is plenty to do at this destination, with many attractions like fishing, jet skiing, pedalos, and wind surfing being introduced. Travelling to Vilamoura is not very expensive, as many tour packages are available that include the airfare, as well as the charges for staying at the resorts.

Vilamoura has many water parks, such as Aqua Land, Slide and Splash, and Atlantic Park - of which, Aqua Land is the biggest. Aqua Land is situated close to Albufeira. As well as the water parks, there is Roma Golf Park, a mini golf course, which attracts the whole family and is pure enjoyment for everyone, It is entertainment for the adults as well as the children. With weekly tournaments and competitions, it always has something happening. Another offering from Vilamoura is the Aqua Show, which is a family park that has been equipped with many adventurous water slides and rides - as well as a wave pool. Even the sports facilities are not forgotten, as Vilamoura has a tennis centre where international tennis tournaments are held annually. Even coaching sessions are offered at the tennis courts for you to improve your game. For full excitement for the whole family with something there for everyone - To have a holiday with memories that will last a lifetime - Visit Vilamoura.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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