The Treats That Corfu Has to Offer

Corfu, situated in the Ionian Sea, is a Greek Island. The name of the island in English is Corfu, whereas its name in Greek is Kerkyra. The place has a total area of 600 Km sq. It is an ancient place, which is deeply connected to Greece's history and mythology. Following the conquests and battles in the past by many foreign rulers, the capital city of Corfu is surrounded by two castles. Because of the uniqueness of the capital, it was named Kastropolis by the Greek Government. Apart from this, the city also managed to get on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Listed Sites. The temperature remains pleasant throughout the year in Corfu, as the average temperature for a year is about 22 degrees Celsius.

The landscape of the island offers 217 kms of coastline. The island features lots of tourist places, and is an attraction for many people from around the world. Corfu offers many exciting things to see and do, such as Mirtiotissa Beach, Aqua land, Kassiopi, the Grotto Boat Tour, and the Museum of Ancient Art. Mirtiotissa Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Corfu, and the best thing about the beach is that it is not crowded with shops; it's quiet, and the water on the beach is very clear. Aqua land is an aquatic park and is one of the largest in Europe. The park offers lots of beautiful blue pools and a wide range of water slides.

Kassiopi is a tiny village in Corfu, which was built in the ancient times and is known for its atmosphere and the locals' hospitality - and also its food. Costas Bar at Kassiopi is one preferred place for enjoyment. Any tour to Corfu is incomplete without the Grotto Boat Tour; the journey starts at Paleokastritsa, and shows four grottos. Two of the grottos are the major attractions, one where the seabed is pink (because of pink stones) and the other one displaying a blue light spot in the water, and is known as The Blue Eye.

Apart from all the abovementioned places, there are many more villages that are a draw-card for every tourist visiting the Island; these places include Paros, Naxos, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and Mykonos. Santorini has an active volcano, which first erupted back in 1500 B.C, and it is said that the eruption from the volcano sank the centre portion of the island. For the tourist who loves to eat and try new things, Corfu is one place that may suit them, as there are a variety of drinks and dishes offered. Apart from this, Toga parties are multi-cultural events that are held on the Island, giving it the atmosphere of times long gone. The different kinds of olives, jewellery and leather are few things that one can purchase to capture few of the best memories of this Greek Island. A combination of fun, peace, tradition, party, and food is what defines Corfu. Corfu does not lack anything in comparison with other Greek islands.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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