Trumpet Cleaning and Maintenance Made Fun

This is a good method for young players and beginners to learn to take responsibility for their instrument and to get a bit of inspiration at the same time.

What you will need.

Commercial trumpet cleaning kit  - Available at all music stores.    

- Two clean rags

-Soapy warm water

-One cup

-Tube of petroleum jelly

-Good music.

Download some good jazz from the internet or put on a good album. Try something new each time. This will make cleaning less of a chore and much more fun. Lets get going.

First dismantle the trumpet completely, laying out the pieces on a clean rag. Place the valves into a cup and half fill with warm soapy water. Leave for a few minutes. Now put some detergent onto the end of your long snake brush and clean out all of the tubes. Also push it through the bell of the trumpet a few times. Pour two litres of warm soapy water into the bell and rinse out with clean water. Now rinse outall the tubes and pipes in warm clean water over a sink. Gently wipe the sides of the valves without scratching the metal.

If the ends of the slides are marked, they may require gentle scrubbing. Once slides are clean and dry, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the areas which slide, and place into position on the trumpet. Oilthe valves with three to four drops each and gently replace. Don't forget the valve caps.

To protect the inside of the trumpet, remove the mouthpiece and pour half a teaspoon of valve oil into the tube. Now blow into the tube as hard as you can to spread it around. Avoid chemical cleaners, even on the exterior of the instrument.

You should clean your trumpet about once a week if you are using it everyday, or once a month if you use it once a week. Just make sure you oil the valves everytime you use it. No matter how often you use it.

By now you will be feeling inspired by some good music and just itching for a blow. So warm up and play along with the pros.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

By: gavi eskin

About the Author:

Gavi Eskin writes online about Music, landscaping, sport and science. He is a proffesional trumpet player and landscaper. He recomends you download free musicand listen while you clean your trumpet, this will improve your ear and you'll have fun too.