What Makes Snugpak Stand Out From the Rest

Snugpak is an outstanding manufacturer of leisure wear and clothing that is meant for outdoor purposes, such as sleeping bags, jackets, and backpacks. It has been several years now that Snugpak products have been available in the market. The products have been very successful since the inception of the company. Snugpak has even received the Queens Award for excellence.

Snugpak design products that can be used for both civilian as well as military purposes. In a very short span of time, Snugpak has distinguished itself from other companies in the sector. Snugpak has brought a new revolution in the usage of almost every product that it manufactures.

For instance, earlier sleeping bags were available only in a dark green colour. But then, Snugpak started manufacturing sleeping bags in a large variety of colours. The earlier sleeping bags were available only in a single length. But Snugpak came out with the concept of customisation. They designed sleeping bags of two types; firstly they manufactured bags with different lengths, and the second type was bags with adjustable lengths. In addition to this, the sleeping bags of Snugpak are also suitable for extreme cold and extreme hot weather conditions. This was something that no other sleeping bags had. And if we talk about their quality, it is much superior to other sleeping bags available in the market.

Next, we can talk about Snugpak's clothing range. Their entire clothing range is quite admirable. Jackets such as the Sasquatch jacket are suitable even for the coldest climate. If you are wearing a Sasquatch jacket then it is a surety that you are fully protected against any kind of cold. Further, the trend of reversible jackets was made popular by Snugpak. Earlier people experienced the problem of pockets. Reversible jackets had pockets on only one side while they were needed on both the sides. Snugpak designed their own jackets, which were reversible from black to olive green, and were designed marvellously such that the pockets remained the same whichever way round you wear it. The jacket is patented by Snugpak and is an intellectual property of the company. This jacket is a specialised product of Snugpak and no other company is allowed to manufacture it by law.

These may be considered small things, but their impact on the industry is unbelievable. As far as price is considered, all Snugpak products are very affordable. One major speciality of Snugpak is that you can also order them a specialist piece of equipment of your choice. Just tell them all the specifications such as colour, size and the number of pockets and they will quote you a fair price.

Snugpak also manufactures a complete range of under garments to keep your body fit in extreme conditions. These products are very durable and comfortable. You can also kit yourself out with Snugpak products for any situation. These days, you can easily buy all kind of Snugpak products from online shops. Just use your credit card and order a product and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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