What Makes the Perfect Holidays in Gran Canaria

If you want a real European holiday, then book a flight right now to Gran Canaria. This is a paradise for all sun worshippers and sand lovers. Also, this is the perfect spot for those who just want to get out of the city's hustle and bustle. Gran Canaria is an excellent combination of sand dunes and oasis - a sight that you could never see anywhere else in the world.

Beaches with fine sands and sparkling waters are flourishing here in Gran Canaria. Because of this, many people usually visit this tropical tourist destination and undertake various sports activities. This includes scuba diving, body boarding, deep sea fishing, and parasailing. While you are at any of the resorts in Gran Canaria, make sure that you have a taste of the most delectable dishes that are situated in the restaurants nearby. Aside from the international cuisines, there are also local foods using fresh fish, squid, and other seafood as its main ingredients.

Before leaving the Gran Canaria, you must also take advantage of the sand dunes in this part of Europe. If you would like to have a desert safari experience, you may also do so here in Gran Canaria. You could try riding a camel along with the other tourists who would like to have an encounter with the camels as well.

Whether you are with your kids or you just want to have a great time alone, your holidays in Gran Canaria could never be complete if you do not go to any of the theme parks that can be found in this paradise. There are numerous theme parks in Gran Canaria, including the Holiday World, the Palmitos Park, and the Ocean Park. On the other hand, if you want to explore the world of reptiles and crocodiles, there are two parks here in Gran Canaria that you would surely love, namely the Reptilandia Park and the Cocodrilo Park.

Of course, you could miss the city ambiance while having a great time relaxing and enjoying the sights and the parks of Gran Canaria. Therefore, you should include Las Palmas in the list of the spots that you will visit while you are in Gran Canaria. This is a busy part of Gran Canaria during the day and the busiest during the night. However, because of the flourishing nightlife establishments such as clubs, bars, and restaurants that have outside seats, this is probably not the best spot for those who need a peaceful time while sipping coffee and admiring the beautiful people passing by.

As for those who just want a serene surrounding, which is rarely found in their local cities, do not forget to head to the town in Gran Canaria called Teror. While here, you will be astounded with the lush mountains and green scenery surrounding the town. Whether you are religious or not, you would definitely love to see the place where the Mother Mary appeared to Don Juan de Frias during the seventeenth century.

By: Ivor Trumpet

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